Backwoods, MS

Roadside Relics Revisited

So I started a FB Travel-blog type picture page to go along with my travels…. Seems more and more online content is moving to Facebook. So check out the Roadside Relics Revisited on the BookFace… Just some pics (and maybe a story or two) from my travels for work and pleasure. Old houses, stores, garages, roadside antique cars/trucks, scenic views, and life through the windshield for a road warrior.

Once again, it has been awhile since I have updated this blog. I have been really busy with work travel from Eunice, LA to Cookeville, TN, but somehow along the way found time to clean up and organize in my shop / toy box a little and finally get my sign wall updated and lights in the old Triumph Dealership sign…. Will try to update more often!!


Workday Blowout....

Took the F250 and some mowing gear (Kubota with 8' bushing and Exmark 60") to do some cleanup in Jasper County MS….


Made it all the way home and heard a noise turning into the driveway…. Not a good way to end the day…


Updates and New DIrections

So I finally made some time to make a few changes around here. Updating content on the site and adding vehicle updates. Also going to start sharing info from my work travels around several states as I get to see the backroads, local eateries, and scenery from MS, LA, TN, AL, AR, and FL panhandle.

Trying to get in the habit of more regular updates of my travels and explorations for work and play…. Stay Tuned, more to come!!!!

A Little Jeep fun...

So my friend DQ and I took his wife's Jeep for a ride, in a light drizzle, to checkout some land that DQ oversees…. We saw where someone had been cutting across the land on an ATV so we followed the tracks, but we made a right turn and suddenly the Jeep stopped…. OOOppppss….